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Wielding one camera or another since 2007, I’ve explored many facets of the medium.

Live music was a big part of my entrance to photography and has remained a constant since I started taking pictures. As of the last tally I’ve captured close to a thousand different shows and performances, from small venues around the US to SxSW and Coachella main stages, as well as stills on music television shows like Guitar Center Sessions. 

The common thread between music photography and portraiture is people. With a seemingly infinite supply of individual personalities, everyone has a different story to tell and lens with which they view the world. At home both in the studio, on location or with just the phone in my pocket, I never tire of the connection of making images of people.

Likewise I’ve always had a hunger for documentary and journalistic work, and the ability to show the world to itself in hopes of making it a better one. In 2015 and 2016 I worked with Youth For Human Rights, traveling to 12 countries all across the globe to implement educational and governmental programs to teach our next generation about the universal declaration of human rights. Over the past 2 years I’ve journeyed across the U.S. with media companies such as BuzzFeed to document tourism and Million Stories Media to capture the millennial generation and our new approach to thriving in today’s economy. 

A distant cousin to documentary work are set stills and after photographing between 30-40 different productions, it’s a cousin I’ve become well acquainted with.

Underwater photography started as a fascination and passion project for me in 2009. What started as an experiment has become a series that has been produced and featured in 5 art exhibitions, with several pieces now placed in the hands of collectors. 

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